For companies seeking to reduce risk and encourage and enhance corporate health and wellness, MedScreen is the ideal solution.

MedScreen offers the employee:

  •   A simple and easy-to-understand explanation of their current risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  •   The ability to track important health numbers like cholesterol levels, BMI and blood pressure online and on their smart phone
  •   A fast, efficient and convenient service that addresses health concerns
  •   Complete security and confidentiality around personal health data

MedScreen offers the employer:

  •   A proactive approach to promoting and encouraging employee health and wellness
  •   The opportunity to reduce the risk of sudden and/or long term employee ill health
  •   An outline of the general health of employees providing specific areas that can be targeted with wellness initiatives
  •   A fast and efficient service with minimal interruption to workflow
  •   The benefits of healthier employees

The Process:

MedScreen is offered to employees in 3 simple steps:

  1.   MedScreen is presented to employees and instructions are given on how to sign up.
  2.   The MedScreen team comes onsite to take blood tests and measurements.
  3.   Employees receive a comprehensive assessment of their current health status along with recommendations on how to improve their health.

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