MedScreen Insurance Service

MedScreen is a specialist mobile health service that provides nationwide health screening to the insurance industry. Our MedScreen nurses visit clients in their home or work place to complete blood tests and/or medical assessments as part of their insurance application.

For the Insurance Client

As part of an insurance application, a client may be asked to complete blood tests and/or a medical assessment. We understand that people are busy and can find it difficult to make time to go to the lab or visit their doctor to complete these requirements. To make this process as fast and convenient as possible, our MedScreen nurses meet clients at a time and place that suits them.

Your Visit

MedScreen will call to explain what will be involved in your screening and to arrange a convenient date and time for our nurse to visit. You may require blood tests and/or measurements recorded such as your height, weight and blood pressure. You may be required to answer some questions about your lifestyle, your medical history and that of your immediate family members. A urine specimen may also be collected. Once you know what your screening will involve and how long it will take you can then choose where you would like it to take place.

The information collected

All the information obtained during the screening is strictly confidential and used for insurance purposes only. It will be forwarded to the insurance company and will only be viewed by those authorised to do so.

Our Nurses

Our nurses are fully registered with the Nursing Council of NZ and have exceptional blood taking skills. Our nurses must comply with our stringent guidelines concerning client confidentiality and security of information.

The tests collected

Your insurance company may require you to have blood or urine tests in order to underwrite your application. The specific tests you may be asked to have will be determined by your medical history, age and the amount and type of cover you have requested. Please be aware our nurses will not know the reason you are required to have blood tests or an assessment.
Please note that you may be asked to fast for the blood test which means you must not eat or drink (except water) for 10 hours prior to your appointment.

The blood test

A small amount of blood is drawn from a vein, into one or more tubes. You should advise our nurse if you have had any previous problems such as fainting, nausea, have difficulty clotting, bruise easily, or if you are currently taking large doses of aspirin. All equipment used is sterile and only used once. Please note it is recommended that you stay well hydrated prior to a blood test.

For the Insurance Advisor

MedScreen's priority is to offer a fast, convenient and professional health screening service to your valued clients. We understand the importance of providing the insurer with the requested medical information as quickly as possible. Our team is focussed on completing insurance health screening requests in the shortest time possible while ensuring a professional and customer focussed experience for your client.

Our experienced and skilled registered nurses enjoy visiting clients in their homes or work places and are empathetic, understanding and have exceptional blood taking skills.

MedScreen helps your clients get cover in place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

MedScreen offers

  •   Speed of Service we average a 5.5 day completion rate
  •   Convenience we fit in with your client's busy schedules
  •   Expertise all our nurses are registered, experienced and skilled
  •   Nationwide coverage we have nurses available from Whangerei to Invercargill
  •   Quality of Service our focus is exceptional customer service

Ask your supplier to use MedScreen to get the job done faster